Typical Projects

Example of a customer's move:

We recently carried out a data centre move for a customer whose business required that any move must happen at a time of least impact to the day to day running and must be carried out in a short timeframe. This despite the fact that they had a large quantity of equipment to be moved.

In order to minimize the customer's downtime, we firstly carried out site surveys at both sites. This ensures that there will be no surprises on the move day where there might be no lift access etc.

We then took a day labelling all the cables that we could trace days before the move was due to take place.

Due to the critical nature of the customer's downtime, we planned for the move to start late on a Friday and worked through the night to ensure that everything was un-racked, moved and re-racked with the minimum impact on the customer's 24 hour a day operation.

On arrival on the Friday, we proceeded to label the remaining cables whilst un-racking them and this, plus a highly competent team of engineers and transport people made sure that the re-racking process at the customer's new site was as straightforward as possible.